Tall Tales

OF Leuven

Behind every street corner in Leuven there are wonderful anecdotes to be found, one more impressive than the other


  • 2h30 or 3h
  • starts at LL (= Grand Place, Boekhandelstraat 1) or where fits you best
  • 24 (1 drink) or 29 (with 2 drinks) euro p.p.
  • incl. guide, quiz material and 1/2 drinks at the end
  • day and time of your choice
  • Leuven lies at play

    During this walk, our guide will tell you a lot of amazing stories about the city and the locations you visit. But don’t be fooled… a few fabrications have crept in. At the start of the tour, the guide reveals that not everything will be true! There are a few lies in play. At the end of the walk we play a small quiz while having a drink. It is up to the participants to discuss and discuss, what was true, and what was fantasy? … and that always produces great results!

    Good to know!

    • No minimum number of participants required, there is a minimum payment for at least ten participants