This is us


We are the event organizer and guide organization with event center in the heart of Leuven, on the Grand Place

Our mission? Leuven Leisure offers high-quality activities and wants to excel in creativity and innovation !


Teamwork ,


Leuven Leisure started as Leuven Walks in the spring of 2013. Founder Sebastiaan Cloet (Leuven, °1984), Master in History and Tourism from KU Leuven, saw the opportunity for a better, more high-quality tourist experience. Real quality, with vision, was in his opinion lacking in his city.

Today, Leuven Leisure is a collaboration between the association Gidsen 3000 vzw and the company Flanders Leisure cvba, where groundbreaking work has been carried out within a professional framework for more than ten years in terms of content and guiding technique.

Today, Leuven Leisure offers the highest quality and the best experience within the local leisure offering. Thanks to the combination of our own guide training program and our professional operation, unique in Leuven, we succeed in consistently delivering the highest quality.

Our daily operations are provided by:

Mrs. Ruth Jamaels
Managing Partner Strategy & Operations

Mrs. Ann-Sofie Stuyck
Event Manager

Mr. Henri Laurent
Managing Partner Coaching & Content

Mr. Sebastiaan Cloet
Managing Partner Sales & Quality

They manage the team of around forty guides, and a steering group focuses on fine-tuning the guide-technical and content aspects of the activities. Our guides are interesting, knowledgeable locals. Their talent and drive guarantee memorable activities and tours!




Our tours are:

  • High quality ; our professional team is available 7 days a week to organize and monitor the activities from A to Z

  • Creative ; we are constantly creating new content and new programs. Always something new under the sun

  • Innovative ; The guide-technical aspects are also continuously thought about. We permanently innovate with valuable experience techniques



quality ~ creativity ~ innovation