Walk past six centuries of uni


Discover everything (or a lot anyways) about Leuven’s famous university from an original angle during this classic walk


  • 2h30 or 3h
  • starts at LL (= Grand Place, Boekhandelstraat 1)
  • 24 or 29 (with drink) euro p.p.
  • incl. guide and game material (+ drink at the end for 29 euro variant)
  • day and time of your choice
  • Uni is literally everywhere

    The colleges and libraries, the fakbars and the pedas. The university really is éverywhere! Belgium’s oldest, largest and most renowned university city exposes its past, present and secrets for you.

    (And oh no, not just studying and working at the university!)

    A fun and interactive walk: each participant receives an identity card and is a character who is called up during the walk. This is also a competitive walk: multiple-choice questions along the way are used to check who does well, and who needs to come back in September!


    Good to know!

    • No minimum number of participants required, there is a minimum payment for at least ten participants