Town in town


Ten Hove or – as we say in Leuven – ‘the city within the city’ thoroughly examined. During this walk we will discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site from head to toe


  • 2h or 2h30
  • 16 or 21 (with drink at the end) euro p.p.
  • incl. guide (+ drink with the 21 euro variant)
  • day and time of your choice
  • The city within the city

    Although the last beguine died in 1988, Ten Hove has never stood still. This city district seems like a fairy tale frozen in time, but is a dynamic site with a special story. After the walk, it is possible to have a drink in a local café.

    Good to know!

    • No minimum number of participants required,
      There is a minimum payment for at least ten participants