City in brief


A bit less time and therefore preferably a short walk? On this one-hour tour, our guide will take you straight to the most important sights of the city center


  • 1h or 1h30 (you choose)
  • starts at LL (= Grand Place, Boekhandelstraat 1) or where fits you best
  • 14 euro p.p.
  • incl. guide
  • day and time of your choice
  • The landmarks

    The Grote Markt (the historic town hall and St. Peter’s Church) and the Oude Markt (the Longest Bar in Europe), the Hogeschoolplein (with the Pope’s College and near the old cloth hall/university hall) and the Ladeuzeplein (with the beautiful university library) are all on the schedule in this guided tour of the center.

    Good to know!

    • No minimum number of participants required, there is a minimum payment for at least ten participants