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Leuven Leisure

Are you Leuven it?

Leuven Walks

The beer capital is a barrel full of stories. Discover them with Leuven Walks as we guide you along fine squares and hidden alleyways. Anecdotes, secrets and small facts offer you a surprising view of our centuries-old city. Scheduled walks and specialist in customized tours.

Leuven Rides

At Leuven Rides, everything is on wheels. Discover the city by bike, e-bike, tandem or kickbike, do a MTB tour, rental of all types of bicycles. Weekly scheduled rides and tailor-made guided tours. Your address for bike rental in Leuven.

Leuven Floats

Dyle City welcomes Leuven Floats, formerly known as Natur-Natur: canoe and kayak, raft and SUP river trips on the river Dyle. Find yourself in the year 891 on our special Viking tour, spot the Castor fiber and its lodges. Adventure and fun, river-Dyle-style.

Leuven Plays

Want to play in Leuven? Leuven Plays organizes workshops, meetings and teambuildings, youth activities and more. Leuven Plays offers city games, culinary gatherings and sets up all your tailor-made events. Because play is important.

Leuven Stays

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